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In this section, you categorise what you make – ensure that you select all the relevant categories and describe your products appropriately.

For example, if you select “jewellery” and “candles”, but you only tell us that you pour your own soy candles, we will not include the “jewellery” tag.

Each tag will allow you to be identified as a maker of that product range on our website.

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General Conditions:

  1. Site placement shall be determined at the sole discretion of the organisers (Petone Indoor Markets).

  2. Stallholder contracts and sites are not transferrable or assignable. Any transfer, assignment or sale (or attempts to do so) of any stallholder contract or site reservation will result in immediate termination. Stalls may not be shared without the express, written permission of the organisers.

  3. Petone Indoor Markets will not be responsible, or liable to the stallholder, for any loss or damage caused or sustained in any way to, or for any theft or loss of, any product, equipment or fittings used or in the care of the stallholders at the market; any damage to the event venue caused by the stallholder will be repaired at the cost of the stallholder responsible.

  4. Stallholders will comply with the venue regulations, in particular: no holes, marks or dents in the walls; health and safety risks to be considered and avoided at all times; no alcohol to be sold or consumed on the premises; no smoking (including e-cigarettes); any items that do not align philosophically with the venue are not permitted.

Stallholder Obligations:

  1. Stalls must be ready for trade 15 minutes before opening time. Stallholders must not pack up or show any intent of packing up until 10 minutes after closing time on market days unless advised otherwise by the organisers.

  2. Stall presentation must be professional, neat, clean, and safe, with a floor-length tablecloth and no displays or products that endanger the health and safety of the stallholder or others. All stallholders must supply any required equipment including tables, unless table hire is booked and paid for.

  3. No refunds will be given for stall cancellations within 72 hours of market opening, regardless of invoice due date, and stallholders who cancel within this period will still be expected to pay their invoice, even if they have not yet done so at the cancellation date.

  4. All cancellations after the invoice due date but more than 72 hours prior to the event/market will result in a cancellation fee of $10 to cover booking and administration costs, which will be deducted from refunded monies, or invoiced if payment has not yet been made. Stallholders who cancel without notice and/or do not show up for events without reasonable explanation may not be accepted to future events.

  5. Stallholders must keep stall elements, including power cables, within assigned stall area, and clear of walkways and emergency exits at all times.

  6. All stall holders and products must be approved by the organisers. All products or goods for sale must comply with all legal requirements, including food vendors. Any compliance documentation, such as food safety certification, must be displayed prominently.

  7. Powered sites are strictly limited and are only available by prior arrangement. Stallholders must supply their own multi-boxes and power cords, which must be long enough to run from the wall socket to the appliance or fixture without causing a hazard and tagged and tested to meet required standards. Identification of hazards by event organisers that cannot be remedied by the stallholder will result in the withdrawal of power to the stall site.

  8. Due to the nature of the markets, exclusivity of the sale of goods is not available.

  9. Vehicles must be parked away from the main entrance of the venue, to leave space for customers.

  10. All rubbish and equipment must be removed from site by stallholders at the conclusion of the market. No rubbish is to be left on site and the stallholder must take responsibility for its disposal.

  11. Stallholders using other facilities, such as the kitchen, must clean and return all items within the space, and the space itself to the state in which it was found.

  12. Stallholders under the age of 14 must have a supervising adult present at all times during the market hours, from set-up until pack-down.

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Please complete the form below to become an approved stallholder for Petone Indoor Markets (PIM) events. Once you are an approved stallholder you will receive priority booking opportunities for future events.

Upon approval, the information that you enter in this form will be used for social media posts.

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